Primary Ferment question

First off I’m a noob. I sincerely apologize if this has been covered Ad Naseum on here, did a search but did not find what I needed
So I have a batch of wine fermenting in the warmest room in the house, but I’ve been relegated to using a heating pad under the bucket to try and keep the temp up. It has been 7 days as of today. Yesterday I noticed a bit of the wine entering the stem of my airlock. This morning it is well into the stem, but still bubbling freely (not stuck). I just burped the bucket, took a peek and there is still an active ferment going on. The kit reccomends racking (is that the correct term?) to the secondary at this time frame, but I’m thinking I am going to wait at least until the ferment slows a bit. Weather changed quite a bit from below zero this week to around 30F at this time (don’t know if this is pertinent or not). This is a French Cabernet with the dual oak packages added at the start, so my concern is leaving this to long might make it to “woody”.

Addendum-- Kit is Select International French Cab Sauv. ... ignon.html


tough to say what instructions and kit you have. I would clean out the airlock and put fresh clean cold water in it and also maybe let it go a few more days. activity is not supposed to stop totally when you rack, so do not worry about it. it will still finish fermentation and bubbling in the secondary. Oh - and sterilize the airlock again too.

Pretty much what that guy said. I don’t see any major issues either way. A few more days in the primary won’t change much. Racking at this point is not likely to do anything negative either. Sounds like the wine had a pretty slow start, but most of the fermentation is likely done by now. Afew days in not going to affect the woodiness of the wine all that much.

Added the kit name and link. Thank you for your responses, it is still bubbling away. I’ll be stopping by Northern Brewer Supply tomorrow so I’ll run it by those guys too

as i said - give it a few days and rack and then follow the instructions. Should be nice- let it age though once in the bottle.