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Pressure getting lower

So I just made my kegerator from an old fridge and installed the tap system I bought.
I put in the Nut Brown Ale I brewed, it wasnt quite at serving temp but couldnt wait any longer. So I hooked it all up for the first time and all seems to be ok. But I checked on it later in the night and the pressure gauge is reading lower then what I had it at before.

I checked all connections with soapy water they all seem to be ok. But this is also my first time kegging.

First like i mentioned earlier the beer is not at serving temp so as it gets colder could it be taking in the co2?
second similar to first point as it carbonates could it lower the pressure?
Either scenario the tank should just put out more co2 to replace what was lost so i am kind of confused.

Also after setting pressure and say the pressure is a tad to high and you back off some you cant really lower the pressure correct? unless you purge it?

Follow me if this makes sense… i set the pressure and Its just a little to high so i back off but the gauge doesnt move so i adjust more then realize its not going to change. Then as co2 is absorbed it wont replace it cause I have it set lower.

Im pretty sure this is what the issue is none the less i just filled the tank and it was a pain to get filled so do not want to do it again atleast anytime soon.

Sorry im a newbie…


You’re correct. The low pressure gauge should remain constant where you set it if the regulator is working properly, even as the beer absorbs the CO2.

If you’re referring to your high pressure gauge, it will appear to lose pressure if you place it inside the fridge due to compression of the gas at colder temperature even though you still have the same amount of gas in the tank.

Tank is placed outside. Even this morning gauge still read about 5 psi lower then what i set it at.

Is it a leak then? I feel like even if it was the tank would keep putting in more co2

could it just be a faulty gauge?

I would first check for leaks with some soapy water and a brush or sprayer on all the fittings. The regulator should keep the pressure at the level you set it at. If you set it and it drops, especially if the beer is completely carbonated, either the regulator is no good or the pressure is escaping somewhere. At least that is how I would figure it. Can’t really think of a way the gauge would move. They are pretty simple.

Another check might be to set the pressure, leave it for a little while, then shut off the tank. If there are no leaks the pressure should remain the same. Keep in mind that the beer will absorb CO2 if it has not equalized to the setting.

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