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Pressure Gauge

Hi All,
I’ve read enough posts to understand that my pressure gauge that resides on the tank inside my keezer will not likely budge from about 500psi. So my question is, when the tank goes completely empty, will the gauge read zero?
Thanks, Mike

Short answer is yes, but it will likely reside at the pressure the kegs are at unless they are disconnected.

Got it, that makes sense! I’ve got a back up tank ready but wasn’t sure on this. Many thanks.

The gauge really only gives a small bit of warning, once the pressure starts dropping it goes pretty quick. Learned that one the hard way. :oops:

Correct, c02 is not a linear fill, you will receive about the nominal pressure at about 30% full, with a 5 lb tank you’re looking at about 2-3 kegs left at that point. It is also very temperature dependent.

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