Pressure Cooker

I just bought a pressure cooker for canning wort for starters. Anyone have any experience in doing this, tips, things to watch out for.


If you’ve got the gasketless type, be very careful to keep the lid even as you’re screwing it down. If it’s a bit crooked you won’t be able to maintain pressure.

Don’t wait too long to get the lid off. I got distracted and let the thing get down to near room temperature once, and ended up needing a pry bar to open it.

This worried me the first time, but it’s normal: With pressure canners, the contents of the jar will keep boiling for quite a while after you’ve taken them out of the canner.

Don’t reuse lids for canning, they may not form an airtight seal the second time around.

I would like to hear what others say on this. The pH of beer kind of puts it in the low zone of pressure canning. It may be possible to do a water bath. Maybe pressure can it the same as carrots?

It would depend on if you are using pints or quarts and also elevation.

My wife’s canning book says to pressure can carrots 25 min for pints or 40 minutes for quarts. The wort would obviously need to be boiled for a few minutes before putting it in the jars.

This could be a great way to create easy to use starters. Interested to hear other’s inputs. I am by no means an expert, my experience only comes from being in the kitchen with the wife and asking “what are you doing?” It is usually followed by her saying “Don’t you have a batch of beer to brew?”

I had to do a google search and also came up with this - … anning.htm

The reason why you shouldn’t water bath can anything with a pH over 4.5: That’s the pH below which botulism can’t reproduce. If your pH is anywhere above that, you need to use a pressure cooker to make sure the food’s getting hot enough to kill the spores.

I don’t think trying to water bath can wort is a good idea. Unfermented sweet wort is well above the 4.5 limit, and it’s also a great growth medium for microbes.

I found the following link after I posted this question ... ahead-time

Also found some other links that say similar including a story in BYO.

The Maltos Falcon web site is a great resource.

No need to boil the wort before canning. The pressure canning will take care of any bugs in the wort.

[quote=“Nighthawk”]The Maltos Falcon web site is a great resource.

No need to boil the wort before canning. The pressure canning will take care of any bugs in the wort.[/quote]
I read one guy’s guide who recommended that for less break material in the jars. I tried it once and it’s not worth the extra time, IMHO.

I always let it cool to room temp before opening.
Another thing, after your starter cools, let it sit for a few hours or until the next day and sterilize again. You won’t regret it. That way you’ll be able to have them sitting for weeks without going bad. I’ve seen mold growing in starters that were sterilized only once after a couple weeks. This is because some spores survive the initial cooking, but far less (if any) survive it the second time.