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Pressure canning is a beautiful thing

Starters are a pain to make and usually need to be done at times when I don’t feel like doing them. You have to get out the DME, weigh the DME, boil, wait for it to cool, be reminded by your significant other that it smells, clean up the DME you spilled while measuring or the occasional boil over. Solution…??

I got a pressure canner a year ago when I started brewing but never got around to using it until the other day. I made 12 quarts of 1.040 starter from a can of hopped extract I had sitting around. I’ve made a few starters now and I have to say it is beautiful thing having to only sanitize your vessel and pour the wort and yeast in.

Here’s an explanation of the process if anyones interested ... ahead-time

I know what you mean, I do love the convenience of canned wort. I mostly cheat and put boiling hot wort in canning jars and let them self-seal. I know its not as safe as canning but I’m willing to take the chance.

It really is a beautiful thing. I’ve also enjoyed using my canner for stocks and soups.

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