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Premium Cork problem

I bought the Premium agglomorated 9x1.75 corks. When I put them into the bottle with my Portuguese floor corker I notice small, minut pieces seem to be floating in the wine. The size of dust particles or granules of salt mostly, but sometimes clear pieces of tiny cork. Is anyone else having this problem? It has taken a clear wine and made the presentation horrible in my opinion.

Are you softening your corks before using them?

No I am not. I sanitize corks using the humidor method–SO2 fumes. I had heard softening with SO2 had more risk than was worth it. Seems to be much debate about it but most seem against it. Is softening the solution to my problem?

You’ll definitely hear both sides when talking about softening corks. I do not recommend saturating corks by doing an overnight soak. But, I have had very good luck using the 3 minute steam method with the premium agglomerated corks. Might be something else to try.
Have you used #9 corks with that corker before?

It is what I am using currently.

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