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Premature yeast smack?

ive had a 1056 wyeast sitting in my fridge for about 2 weeks, and it looks as though its swelling up. maybe someone shoved something up against it breaking the inner pack a bit or is this normal behavior for liquid yeast? first time using liquid by the way

If it’s in the fridge it’ll be fine. When you’re ready to use it, feel for the pouch and smack it anyway just to be sure. What are you making. Most beers with liquid yeast need a starter.

I have seen this quite often in the last year or so. I asked the owner of my LHBS and he told me what Wyeast had told him, but I forget as it wasn’t an important issue. This seems mostly to be inherent in the 1056. I don’t buy yeast often because I rinse and reuse, but I bought a new 1056 recently and same thing, partially swollen pack. Gotta use a sharp edged table to work most of the liquid to one end until you feel the nutrient bladder in the other end.

I’ve only gotten a few packs with this issue, but you hear about it more and more. Wyeast claims that its usually due to a small amount of sugar or CO2 being left in solution at the time of packaging. It should be fine. Build your starter if it is needed and you’ll know for sure.

I wouldnt smack it, smacking a already swollen pack may be a disaster.
You do not need to smack the packs at all it is just showing viability,

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