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Predicting final gravity

I’ve brewed and oatmeal stout that has been 4 days in primary and all activity seems to have stopped and SG is only at 1.028. Added 1 lb. lactose to the boil since I like sweet stouts. Missed OG low (was 1.043, supposed to be 1.049 not counting the lactose) according to NB recipe(partial mash). I’ve got two questions I cant find answers to. 1. How many points should the lactose add to OG and how many points(maybe the same?) should it add to FG? The instructions did not give a final gravity target. On a good note, the gravity sample I took today tastes great. Thanks for any help.
Also, used S-04 pitched at 64*F

The StrangeBrew calculator puts Lactose in at 40 points per gallon. Or 8 points in 5 gallons.

Your OG could be off because you were not able to get the extract fully mixed. No biggie.

Your FG, have you verified your hydrometer is accurate in RO/DI water? An extract/PM with a FG of 1.020 (minus the lactose) is not “terrible”. Would be nice to be 3-5 points lower.

Let is sit for 2 weeks and see if the FG comes down. Raise the temp some if you can. If it doesn’t come down, it taste good!

Thanks, Nighthawk. I guess my biggest concern is bottle bombs. I plan on letting this go a couple more weeks, then secondary with choc and vanilla. Any way I can be sure I don’t have too many fermentables left other than FG reading? My hydrometer checks out fine. If I get no movement in a couple of weeks, can I pitch more yeast? The S-o4 packet looked a little suspect, but yeast was perfectly dry when pitched.

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