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Pre-Made Heat Stick?

Does anyone have any experience with this product or anything similar? I’m looking to get a heat stick to supplement stove-top brewing, but I do not want to mess around with building my own. Thoughts? ... roduct_top

From perhaps the least handy person ever, build your own! I was very reluctant to do it but it changed the way I brew. I no longer use a stove top or a propane burner and my brewday is actually faster and cheaper. I’m currently using two heatsticks built according to the design from this website:

I have that very one and have used for well over a year now. Works great, though combined with a stove top it will get the boil going too hard. I had to play with how high I keep my stove top on so the wort wasn’t leaping out of the pot. At medium high heat and that stick I get a really nice rolling boil.

I keep it clean by soaking in oxi clean after each brew day.

I am not a handy person at all, so for me making something that brings water and electricity together is very scary idea. Spending $40 on this was piece of mind that I wont kill myself.

If you have a farm store in your area, they carry these things.

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