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Potential contamination, need help!

Hello, I am on my second rack with a metheglin that I also started a second fermentation with using champagne yeast, the first fermentation was plain brewers yeast. I sanitized all equipment with a 20 minute hot water bleach soak, cold water rinse, 6 minute wash in a high temperature dish machine and a final cold water rinse. I popped the airlock and bung last week after 4 weeks on the second rack to take a sample and add some maple syrup to the mix (heated and held at 140+degrees for an hour.) I know big no no. I now have three 1/10th inch cylindrical shaped rods floating at the surface of the mead, they are opaque and do not seem to be aspirating. The mead is still in a slow fermentation phase. Is this something I should worry about or is it just a yeast colony? I intend to rack it to a carboy one last time before bottling and was wondering if this sounds like a bacterial contamination and what options or treatments there are to decontaminate the mead. Thank you.

I have a couple of stray thoughts. First, invest in a no-rinse sanitizer. There are a few to choose from and they all are effective. I use this:

Second, I’ve added up to 80 ounces of maple syrup to a batch, without heating, and the batch was fine. Your cold water rinse is as much a possible source of infection as the syrup.

Third, a picture of the possible contamination would be useful. From the description it might be infected, but some odd looking things can be on top of an okay mead. I would rack to a tertiary carboy and let it sit for a couple of months. If it is infected you will find out, if it is not it will be improved by the time in the carboy.

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