Post boil Dillution calculator

Does anyone have a post boil dillution calculator? I want to brew a concentrated wort and then dilute to a certain gravity. All I’m finding is math equations which I would like to avoid if possible. Thanks guys.


Beersmith has one. If you dont have beersmith post up what you’re tryign to do and ill run it for you

Multiply concentrated gravity by volume to get total sugars. Divide by expected gravity to get batch volume. Subtract concentrated volume from final batch volume to find how much water to add.

Concentrated wort is 1.100 in 3 gallons. You want 1.050.

100 x 3 = 300 gravity points.
300/50 = 6 gallons
6-3 = 3 gallons of added water

The OP said he didn’t want to do any math! :wink:

Yeah, thought maybe the math the OP saw was a bit more difficult than that. I don’t think he’ll be able to avoid it (“if possible” he stated). I don’t think it’s avoidable :smiley:

[quote=“mvsawyer”]I don’t think it’s avoidable[/quote]He could avoid the math by adding a half-gallon of water to the beer, thoroughly mixing, then taking a gravity reading and repeating until desired gravity is reached. I think the math is simpler, but then again, I’m an engineer.

Me too…I suppose I use math as a crutch! :lol:

I think this is what you’re looking for: