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Post and Poppets matching

How do you identify the different types of Posts in order to match-up the poppets?

I read on NB that A post have a short flat base and B post have a taller base however type B post use a 7/8 socket ... keg-parts/

and another site that shows the comparisons

My issue is that I have post with what looks like a short base like type A however type B poppets are the only ones that work?? A type A poppet will fit however you can not connect either Gas (to gas side) or liquid (to liquid side) to the posts…

What is the definition of a “short base”? is it the height of the hex head?
What is a key identifier for a Post?
All of mine use a 7/8 deep socket - which sounds like maybe its a type B post but with a short base (hex head)?

thank you…

If you can’t tell by looking at the pictures, I would order a couple of each. Find out what you need and return the others.

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