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Possible third fermentation?

For my next brew I’m looking to do a chocolate vanilla coffee stout. My goal is to have a brew that is very chocolate foward with hints of vanilla and subtle hints of coffee.
My original plan is to add bourbon soaked vanilla beans and French oak chips to secondary as well as cold brewed coffee(2oz) and cocoa nibs and letting it all age for at least 4 months.
My concern is will aging for that long diminish or intensify any of those flavors more than I want to. Should I think about a third ferrntation and splitting up the additions in the two? If so, in what sequence to optimize the flavors? Also should I worry about the cocoa nibs making te beer more bitter than I’m looking for? Any input is appreciated.


Welcome to the forum! I would say that everyone’s tastes are different in these types of beers - so try putting it all in at once and take samples every couple weeks until you get what you like. I have heard of soaking the vanilla beans and then cutting the pod and scraping out the pod to get a stronger effect.

Denny Conn covers it in his BVIP recipe: ... porter.php

He doesn’t oak it though. YMMV.

Where is the 2nd and 3rd fermentation? I’m only seeing the primary fermentation. Sugar is required for fermentation.

I don’t see where you would need to transfer the beer to a new vessel with each new flavor addition. I guess you could though. Transferring off the flavor component when it reaches the flavor you are seeking.

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