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Possible stuck fermentation..need advice

I pitched a packet of us 05 2 days ago…i have not noticed any signs of fermentation…I pitched at 64F but the next day my temp read 58F so i allowed it to rise to 67F…I dont rely on airlock activity and i use a bucket which can leak and cause zero airlock activity but i usually smell co2 that filled up in my ferm chamber which tells me something is going on…Anyway i have another pack of us 05 should i repitch or wait it out…I do not want to open the bucket if i do not have to…My og was 1054…my temp is at a stable 67F…So all and all its been a little over 48 hours and no signs…is us 05 a slow starter?..I also gave the bucket a gentle swirl to inspire the yeast which did nothing…This beer smelled too good going into the fermenter i would hate to lose it…Your advice would be great…cheers

I’ve had US-05 lag for up to 72 hours before getting down to business before. Are you rehydrating before you pitch? In my experience it seems to make a big difference with that yeast.

actually no i did not rehydrate cause on the pack it said sprinkle on wort so thats what i did… then left it for about 15-20 mins then gave it a swirl…so you think that can be my problem? next time i should rehydrate…thanks

This time tomorrow you will activity, bank on it.

Stuck fermentation would be a starting OG of 1.050 and 3 weeks later it’s 1.030.

You have a “possible” slow start.


No visible activity but i do smell Co2 slightly in my ferm chamber…if its fermenting its fermenting more like a lager then an ale…I was expecting major blow off cause i filled the bucket pretty high…hope this beer turns out

[quote=“Nighthawk”]Stuck fermentation would be a starting OG of 1.050 and 3 weeks later it’s 1.030.

You have a “possible” slow start.

:wink: [/quote]

True dat…Now i have a definate slow start not possible

Have you pulled the lid and looked?

Just pull out the airlock and look in. I have lids that leak. No real danger in removing the lid either. Just use common sense.

Thanks everyone…i finally cracked and decided to open the lid to take a peak…i have beautiful krausen and sublime aroma …this thread is closed…thanks again everyone

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