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Possible priming problems?

I just bottled and racked my first ever home brew of carribou slobber. I just remembered that after i poured the priming solution into the bucket and added the wort I forgot to stir the mix together to blend it. It looked from when I was siphoning the wort into the bucket there was a significant amount of blending and mixing happening. Did I just ruin my batch? will only some of the bottles be carbonated? help!


Many times by putting the sugar solution in the bottling bucket, then siphoning the beer in will give you a good mixing.

Several people have mentioned that they give it a gentle stir after 10-12 bottles because they feel they get inconsistent carbonation other wise. I also give it a stir when I bottle for a little extra insurance.

If you have an extra long spoon or stir stick, you can leave it in the bucket and not re sanitize it every time you want to give it a stir.

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