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Possible malolactic fermentation in beer?


Four months ago I brewed a sort of berliner weiss (it was a hair darker and boozy then spec)… I soured it with wyeast lacto. After transferring it once I added burnt oak for three weeks. Still not happy with the body, I dry hopped with some cascades from my garden.I noticed a white film on the top of the hops and immediately transferred it again. Two days later the white film is back. I’m 4 1/2 months into this beer and I hope I’m dealing with anything but mold. From my understanding mold would start in one spot and grow and this seemed to appear across the entire beer overnight. Has anyone dealt with this?

All said, the beer still tastes good…hmmmm?

Well if you soured it with lacto, have you entertained the idea that that’s what it is?


I suppose… it’s my first go and I guess I wasn’t expecting this reaction- Although it has been souring and the film is a new development. Will it subside?

I honestly just don’t know. Maybe you have someone with a microscope so that you could look at what it is?

I just happen to have a microscope- huh?

Ummmm dude… you know what that looks like, right?

you shouldnt do that around your beer

Lol I think he posted a wrong pic hahahahaha too hilarious!

this is really quite funny.

looks like a seminal infection to me.

ive heard of beer porn but really

Do you have roommates that don’t like you?

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