Possible Issue with Keg Regulator

I noticed something odd with my kegs today. I have a dual gauge regulator on one CO2 tank. I normally keep both at 10-12psi. I opened up my fridge today and notice that both were at about 16psi and my CO2 tank was almost empty. Everything was fine the last time I looked at it this previous Saturday/Sunday. Its only had 3 kegs on it so far and it usually lasts at least twice that (even more normally) so I’m thinking something is up since it has lost so much CO2.

I checked all the connections and I can’t find a leak anywhere.

I bled off all the pressure in the keg and reset it back at about 12psi and it has held that for the last 4-5 hours with no issues.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

did you check the kegs large o-ring seal thats the culprit when I have had leaks. Spray starsan at the lids edge and check for bubbles. The other major place would be the regulator attachment nut to the co2 bottle spray that too. sometime when you change out bottles the teflon seal falls out.

I sprayed all the connections and couldn’t find a leak anywhere. Also, the kegs had plenty of pressure when I bled them off.

The thing that puzzles me the most is the spike in the pressure on the regulator.

How did it go from 12-16 over the course of 3-4 days?

my regulators have slowly gone up a couple of pounds before too, but its rare. Some times I think some thing slightly hangs up in the regulator. I don’t think I would be as worried about that as haveing a leak, as long as the regulator is holding now.

Now my CO2 tank is now about out of CO2—and its only been 3 kegs so something happened. I guess I will watch it over the next few days to see if it runs out or now. If it had done such a dramatic drop in CO2, I wouldn’t be so concerned.

I’m just hoping its not the diaphragm in the regulator. We will see.

Was the CO2 tank previously warm and now cold from being inside the fridge?

Do you have shut off valves on each keg? If so, shut off the gas to one keg. then close the valve on the tank. The pressure will drop if there is a leak on that keg.

Repeat for the other keg.

Sorry to say I have an issue with my CO2 system also, you are not alone. I been looking for months trying to find a leak. I soaped everything and I mean everything to find that leak. Nothing shows. I tried soap, Starsan, commercial leak detectors and not a single bubble. But somehow I lose CO2. Go figure. I just shut the tank off until my kegs show signs of low pressure, then open the tank valve and re pressurize.