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Possible infection mistake?

Does anyone know how big of a mistake Did i make last night. I brewed my first parshel mash kit. I always use a yeast starter that has been going for four days. To get to my question I check in it this morning 9 hours later and found I had put my sanitized blow off tube in the Carboy but the other end fell out of the container with the star san How great of a chance would I get a infection from somthingbgoing up the tube into the wort. How would I know if I have a infection or should I just dump the wort now and start over. The Wort if formenting like crazy after nine hours. Thanks for your help.

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Just dump it now… WAIT! There’s VERY little risk and your fine, especially since fermentation has started for a couple reasons:

  1. you have positive pressure in the carboy so it’s blowing CO2 OUT, not IN
  2. the yeast are consuming the sugars rather than wild yeast, and out competing them
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Ok thanks I figuered the positive pressure did help however I did not know how long it took for the fermentation to start. So I kknew that would have been the dangerous time. You don’t know how close I came to dumping it out. You saved my beer thanks LOL

You might have a problem if something with six legs crawled up the blow off tube into your wort. It’s good to worry about a ferment, but you don’t have to worry about anything with this one unless the temp gets to high.

I should be good then thanks.

Just curious, what did you brew?

It was a Oatmeal Stout that I had picked up at a local store. I hope that does not get me in to trouble here. My shelf is stocked with NB IPA,s that I love but my friends and family don’t. So I though I would pick up this kit to serve for the holidays.

You’re fine. Nothing wrong with fair competition. I haven’t brewed an oatmeal stout in a long while. It would just be me drinking it as the Mrs. isn’t going to be downing them.

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