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Possible contamination?

I am brewing a batch of Belgian amber using Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II and 5526 Brettanomyces lambicus (which I added to the primary after 2-3 days of fermentation). It’s been in the secondary for about a month and for the past couple days I’ve noticed some sort of colonies growing on the surface. They just look like thin whitish films and appear to be increasing in size and number. Could they just be Brettanomyces, or does that sound like an infection? There hasn’t been any noticeable airlock activity almost since I racked it to the secondary.

How long was it in primary? Was the gravity stable when you racked it?

It was in the primary for 2 wks. Gravity was stable, and there was little to no airlock activity in the secondary.

It’s probably the Brett. Two weeks isn’t nearly enough time for it to do its thing, unless you pitched quite a bit. You’ll probably see a slow drop in gravity for several more weeks, if not months.

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