Possible carbing problem?

Of late I’ve been sitting bottles in front of the heat register in the spare bedroom during the carbing period…with some good results. But…I recently brewed a beefed up Tasmanian Devil IPA…and I went to check a bottle after a week…fridged it for a day and a half and upon pouring it was super flat and very cloudy. Before I placed it in the fridge I could see through it. Hydro sample before bottling tasted fantastic…and now it tastes kinda…meh. Any idea what’s going on? Is it possible it got too warm?

No, more likely only a week is way too short to properly carb and condition what I assume is a reasonably high ABV IPA(I don’t know the specifics of the T.D. IPA)
Give her another couple weeks before trying another.

She ended up around 8.7% abv… :slight_smile: I’ll give it more time.

May want to flip the bottle slowly be twisting it to move the yeast around. Than, allow another week or 2. Room temp should do it around 68F…

That’s pushing the limits for yeast. And even more so if you under pitched. It will definitely need more time.

3g batch with an OG of 1.08…pitched a whole pack of S-04…should be good? The other batch I bottled on the same day with an OG of 1.072 is already quite fizzy. Different strokes for different yeasts :smiley:

That should be fine, but S-04 for me has always taken a REALLY long time to carb. The stuff falls out of suspension so hard that I think there are just very few cells left to bottle condition. By comparison, US-05 is sometimes carbed within a couple of days. You might be looking at a 4-5 week bottle conditioning period with S-04.

I really don’t get nervous about bottle conditioning with the primary yeast strain until you’re getting into the 12% range.

I have also sometimes had problems with S-04 not doing the job, even on 6% Porters, so if I have a problem with it not fermenting as well as I think it should, I give it a kick in the butt with a pkt of Munton-Fison Ale yeast and then for some reason it really takes off. I know you’ve already bottled, so this won’t help you at this point, but maybe for a future brew???