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Besides just stare at full fermentors. At the momebt. Due to my knee surgery. I did add yesterday. Vanillabeans soaked in bourbon for ten days. To my porter. The smell real nice. Now curius. How it will taste in about 4 weeks

Vanilla in a porter is marvelous. Should taste great. Just remember that the vanilla taste will fade over time–best drink it fresh–maybe unless it’s kegged and just leave the beans in the keg?

And good luck with the knee!



Thats a thought. When i transfer the porter to the keg. Add the beans as well

Last fall I did my standard ‘Honey Porter’ for a local competition/event. I decided to add 1 vanilla bean (5G batch) after 7 days. Just that small amount turned out great! It was not overwhelming, just a nice hint. That keg was well received and drained fairly quickly.
It is now going to be my standard procedure with that beer.


Did you add the bourbon to the fermenter too or just the beans?

Hope i did right. Did add everything beans and bourbon

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Yes, definitely add the bourbon as well. A lot of the flavor is in the liquor. When I did it, I used Myers dark rum. It wasn’t much, maybe 1-2 oz. Adds just a little flavor.

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