Portland OR.

Got a business trip to portland comming up in Dec. What should I do, see, drink at?

I spent 7 months there in 98. McMenamin’s Pub’s too. Damn I loved that town. A real change for a Florida boy. I enjoyed martini’s at The Veritable Quandary, a very cool little place. I never saw so many craft beers in my life at any grocery store but managed to get through quite a few :slight_smile: Any minute I had free I was in the mountains or down below Portland in Dundee and surrounding areas at vineyards. And then on one drive I found myself in the damndest thing ever, tall telephone poles with vines growing off them. Sweet Odin’s Raven, HOPS!!! Have fun!

And then on September 9th, after work it started raining and I took my sunglasses off. I didn’t put them back on until I hit Sacramento on my way home December 7th. Still a cool long strange trip it was.

I say skip McM’s…there’s too much better beer, although their places are cool. I recommend the Full Sail Pilsner Room on the riverfront is beautiful and has a great selection of Full Sail (and other) beers you’ll never see anywhere else. And a trip to Hair of the Dog is mandatory!

I was there in April and hit several places. Totally agree with Denny on McM’s. I really loved Casacade, great people and very good beer. I would also suggest Rogue and Deschutes. I’ve believe they both have tap rooms in Portland. Didn’t care much for Hair of the Dog BUT I am way in the minority here. There beer is very well crafted I just didn’t care for the style. I would defenitly give them a try and make up your own mind. :mrgreen:

Have a great trip. Try to report back and fill us in on where you went. :cheers:

MCM’s in the spirit of Jerry at the very least.

Another reason I don’t like it…

Another reason I don’t like it…[/quote]


Three culinary schools in Portland also mean you get some of the best food trucks in the country and some knock-out restaurants:

Pok Pok -really good and inexpensive Thai place www.pokpokpdx.com/
Beast - best meal I’ve ever had but not cheap www.beastpdx.com/

If you let me know where you will be staying in town, I could come up with some pub crawl ideas. Several good suggestions already, including Hair of he Dog, Rogue, Cascade Barrel House and Full Sail. I would also add Deschutes to the list of big boys (Rogue and Full Sail). Lots of good smaller operations too, including Laurelwood, Old Lompoc, Hopworks, Breakside etc. The Horse Brass is an awesome pub and Portland institution, although I haven’t been since Don Younger passed. McM’s has great restored historic properties, but their beer is only so-so. If you are going to be here during early December, the Holiday Ale Fest is Nov. 30-Dec. 4 right in the Pioneer Square in the heart of downtown. http://holidayale.com/index.php. I think there are also some companies that offering pub/brewery tours so I can get to parts of town not easily accessed by mass trans without driving.

being from Portland i am very spoiled with beer

i would highly recomend hopworks urban brewery. they’re all organic, and make some fantastic beer

check out there 7-grain survival stout; if you like stouts.

their abominable winter ale is one of my favorite brews. INCREDIBLE! :cheers:

also. +1 to hair of the dog

I sure did enjoy the drinks and atmoshphere of Jake’s Famous Crawfish. You might also like Henry’s Taproom right across the street from Jake’s.
If you get the time, take the car east along the Columbia River out to Hood River, OR. There you will find the Full Sail brewery(skip it, and here’s the reason why) and a fantastic little hole-in-the-wall brewery, Double Mountain. My wife and I fly into Hood River airport every summer, take a courtesy car along with a handfull of growlers and get lunch at Double Mtn. Their HopLava will turn you on.

If you have the extra time for a drive, take a trip to Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City. The Brewery has a beautiful view of Cape Kiwanda on the Pacific Ocean. Great food and beer as well.

Thanks for all the suggestions. my schedule has me arriving the 15th at dinner and leaving the 17th around 1000. can not wait, very happy to be going to Portland. just wish I was staying longer!

pelican has become one of my favorite breweries. they just released their bad santa cascadian dark ale with fuggle hops. if you cant make it down to pacific city, i suggest finding a pint of bad santa, very very good.

I LOVE Pelican, but I HATE CDAs and Fuggles! Damn, what a dilemma!


I LOVE Pelican, but I HATE CDAs and Fuggles! Damn, what a dilemma![/quote]

haha, that is quite a dilemma. im not a big fan of using fuggles either. but somehow they work really well in Bad Santa. it’s a very rich CDA, with lots of stout character.(but i am a HUGE fan of CDA’s)
so far, their riptide red is my favorite brew by them. if you happen to know what yeast they use for their riptide red or surfer summer ale; i’ve wanted to know since the moment i tried them


Last time I talked to Darron they were using 1056 for nearly everything.


the flavor i thought was from the yeast must be from something else. almost creamy smooth, i taste it a lot in their summer ale. guess ill have to do some research

Spent couple days there early this year and sampled 100+ beers that were new to me. I have a feeling I didn’t even scratch the surface. Great beer town!