Portland, OR area breweries

Hey guys, taking a chance with this in the ‘general’ forum - any suggestions on breweries in the Portland area? Out here on business for the first time and looking to take advantage of it!

Hair of the Dog

Second for Hair of the Dog, their old ale is amazing. I went to Bridgeport for lunch, their porter Chili was delicious and they had a real nice spread of brews plus it’s a great downtown location. I also hit up Pyramid, and Widmer Rose Garden last time I was there. There are so many breweries to choose from up there, it’s like beervana. :stuck_out_tongue:


For a good pub with great beer selection try Higgin’s downtown for a good burger. Portland extended “area” options include Double Mountain in Hood RIver and Boneyard in Bend, Oregon I believe…

I liked McMenamin’s and Deschuttes.

Every time I blink there’s a new brewery opening up across the river here in Vancouver.