Portland Brewery Using Recycled Waste Water

Here’s one I just heard about. A brewery in Portland OR is going to use recycled waste water to brew craft beers. http://www.salon.com/2015/01/28/craft_b … _portland/

Any thoughts? I’ve got some ideas for names for some of the brews. How about Fec-Ale, or Deja Brew? Or maybe just Shlitz, because I really do believe they used sewer water to make that beer.

Clever! :lol:

Maybe not so much → :cheers:

I’d steer clear of the Nut Brown ale… :shock:

Or the I-Pee-A

Now THAT is funny. :cheers:




I wonder if Oregon makes you put deposits on the bottles. If so, do you get a bonus back if you also live in the area for returning more than the bottle to the brewery?

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Funny stuff. Some great replies from you fellow brewers. I agree on the need for a like button.

I recycle the water from my chiller to wash equipment and use any excess for the next brew. I’ll pass on using sewage for now. Maybe they might be thinking of this setup, http://www.ptgwaterandenergy.com/index.php/beer

Anheuser Busch has been doing this forever. Think about it, every municipality that is upstream from St. Louis is dumping treated wastewater and treated industrial wastewater into the river. Not to mention all the chemicals and pesticides that are running off of farm fields and into the river. AB pulls water form the Old Miss, filters it and treats it with minerals. Sound familiar?

Recycled waste water? Isn’t that Bud Light?

Jenkem’s Pale Ale

watch ‘how beer saved the world’. they make beer from standing pond water and after fermentation they can detect very little of the bacteria that was present in the original water.

It’s easy for us to forget that beer was widely used in Europe due to poor sanitation. Beer was safe, water was not.

It’s not like there’s really appreciable amounts of “new water” out there. It’s pretty much all recycled.