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Porter. Judaspriest micheal schenker

Yeast starter ready. Time to brew tomorow. A vanilla porter. Looking forward new music to brew with. New micheal schenker. Judas priest and saxon. Wife not home. Lots of fun

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Sounds like a good time! My wife is never home when I brew. And she has no desire to participate!

Still haven’t nailed a porter yet. Getting closer, but not there. I wanted it to be my own, but I may have to drift more toward the on line versions of Edmund Fitzgerald( or Deschutes Black Butte). However, a late Fall brew here…

@wilcolandzaat old pre MTV Judas Priest for brew day, used to see them with Iron Maiden on tour. Newer metal GhostBC from Sweden…

Do I dare say… I saw Judas Priest as a warm up to … Kiss … in 77! Their music kick butt back then… Kiss was just eye candy… Is Michael a brother to Rudolf/Scorpions? Sneezles61

If you think I listen to that kind of music then you got another thing comin.


Oh, so now your hell bent for leather too? Sneezles61

Same here. She will never be intrested. Or help me brewing she hates the smell of yeast. But likes the beer i brew

Love ghost bc. And amon amarth. My true passion in live. Metal music. And. Beer brewing. Perfect combo

See ghost in concert…very worth it!!!

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Did see them twice in Europe way cool the show guess will brew today. Yesterday. A party got in the way. Had to go to a b day party.

The face you make when your NB Pliny the elder keg blows!!


Oh papa!! :relieved:

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Alright, that I’ll buy… the rest of the Ghost… not much happens… Micheal Schenker… Oh yes… Charlie Parr… Yes… Sneezles61

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