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Porter fruit

Yesterday I made 10 gallons of porter OG 1.054. I split into two carboys and pitched us-05 in one and us-04 in the other. Both are fermenting like crazy right now. I have a can of Vintners harvest blueberry and a can of raspberry. Both cans are 3LBs of puree. I am thinking one can in each beer would be too much, should I only use 1/2 a can in each? Logic tells me it would be best to put this in the primary when fermentation is strong rather then in the secondary when the yeast has slowed. I researched this extensively and found lots of opinions but no one who has actual hands on experience putting the fruit in the primary. Anyone done this?

I once put peaches in the primary at racking to make a peach wheat, and it fermented for a month. I mean it took a month before the airlock stopped bubbling. The beer was OK, not much peach taste(I put 6 lbs in). However, it was really potent. I’m sure all those peaches upped the ABV substantially, since the yeast had so much sugar to feast on. Now, I put fruit in when I rack to secondary, after primary fermenting is done. I get a much better fruit taste that way. Just my 2 cents.

That does not make since to me. When you rack to a secondary there is plenty of yeast left over, the fruits suggars should all ferment out. I just think they would ferment out better with the more active yeast.

I’ve added fruit dozens of times and come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter. Beginning of primary, mid-primary, primary vessel after primary fermentation is done, rack to secondary then add fruit, etc. The differences have been minimal for me. And to the extent that there are any differences, you can continue to adjust as fermentation moves on (add more fruit, add lactose or a crystal malt tea if you need sweetness, add brett, etc.) Also, 3 pounds is not too much. If anything, it’s too little for my tastes (for blueberry anyway … 3 pounds may be good for a raspberry porter).

A 1/2lb of puree per gal will work well.

Porter is pretty strong tasting, 1/2 a can may not be enough.

This won’t be helpful, but I absolutely hate fruit in my beers… any and all beers. If it were me, I would not add any fruit to your porter.

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