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Porter FG

My porter’s FG is 1.021. Pretty high for my taste. Im just going to bottle it. Any other thoughts?

Starting gravity? Profile and schedule?

Both my St. Paul porters finished at that FG.

my first porter ended high too, about 1.018 after 3 weeks.
I bottled, turned out great, everyone loved it, it’s almost gone.

I made a second one and used GOLD LME, and the FG was 1.014, better.

I added coffee to this one, so hard to compare, but it tastes really good too!

Yeah, def gonna need some more info. Recipe, mash temp/schedule, yeast, ferm temps, etc.

what temp is it at? If you were expecting it to get lower the yeast could have stalled out in the cold. I know I battle this problem this time of year. Take it to a warmer part of the house and give it a swirl to get it started again.
That said, if it tastes good maybe you don’t need to mess with it at all. It’s hard to tell on the limited info you gave us.

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