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Portable C02 cartridges - "not for human consumption"

Well, hooked up my portable C02 charger thingy today, incorporating a C02 cartridge I bought at the sporting goods store…After I pressurized and poured, I looked at the box of cartridges and found the dreaded “not for human consumption” warning. The beer I had tasted just fine, and I’ve taken the cartridge off, empty. Is my beer ruined? :cry:

Co2 is Co2…enough said. The container it is in, now that may not be consumable.

Your fine. But I would ditch those cartridges for a paint ball tank system.

Not to promote another site but if you’re looking to keep everything portable/small, William’s Brewing has really cool mini regulators. They’re pricey but would be awesome with a paintball tank system.

its fine…

I have heard discussion of some cartridges containing oil.

That would be my worry.
You could also get some nasty compounds from outgassing from the non-food-grade gas lines in manufacturing. ... and-Rumors
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