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Poor Carbonation with One Gallon Kit

I have brewed four One Gallon Kits (Cream Ale, Brick Warmer Red, Irish Red Ale and Whitehouse Honey Port) and have had the same issue with each kit. All have little to no carbonation after bottling. I have tried to follow the directions and have been using the Fizzy Drops but with the same result. Flavor of the finish beer is good but very little carbonation. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. I know it’s likely a yeast problem but I do not seem to have this problem with the five gallon kits I’ve brewed so far. Those have had Good carbonation after a week of bottle conditioning. So I’m not quite sure where I’m going wrong. I would write it off to a bad batch if it was only one time but four batches is a trend.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Are you using the fizz drops for 5 gallon batches?

Those drops are meant for a 12 oz bottle filled with a bottling wand top the top of the bottle. The wand, once removed, displaces the perfect head space for proper carbonation. How are you filling you bottles?

There was/is a trick one gentleman posted numerous times. Domino sugar cubes. One per bottle. RIP Flars… Sneezles61


No. I use Priming Sugar with the 5 Gallon kits.

I am using 12oz bottles and the bottling wand as you discribed.

Alot of people have trouble with the drops gotta keep swirling the bottle. I’ve had better luck with what’s known around here as the Flars Method


Never did like those fizz drops. Even when supplied with the kit I would still use some other sugar and prime based upon their calculator.

How much sugar are you priming with for 5 gallons?
i suggest you use the priming calculator here and adjust for temperature and style…

5 oz give or take for the five gallon kits. The next time I brewed a one gallon I had planned to use priming sugar per the calculator.

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After your yeast has had 1 to 3 weeks to carbonate the bottles, I suggest you put the bottles in the fridge for 3 days before opening. This amount of time gives the beer enough time to absorb the CO2. If you just pop them open without a chance to cold absorb you typically end up with a short lived spritzy kind of carbonation.

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