Pooped out yeast?

I brewed up a batch of pre-pro lager this past Saturday and pitched dregs from a previous batch of Helles. This was the third pitch for this yeast. First helles was brewed in October, the second in late November, then this batch. The original yeast was Saflager 34/70. It fermented strong in the first 2 batches and produced great beer. This batch was really slow getting going for pitching dregs, like over 48 hrs slow. Weird. I was thinking about using this one more time for an American Weenie Beer (light lager), but now I’m not so sure. Any thoughts?

That shouldn’t matter as those are low OG beers and the yeast should be reproducing. Unless of course you have been stressing them with underpitching or low O2.

Just check yer gravity on this one, when done , try some yeast nutrient once you git yer brew racked off, and before you add it to another…. sometimes it may need some help. And as Loopie sez, oxygen will also be a big help…. Sneezles61