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Pliny the Elder - Russian River Brewing Co

I have to be in the 1% that probably disagree. I was out in Napa earlier this year and was able to find a liquor store that had some for sale, singles only. I bought one and I’m glad i didn’t buy any more. Was plenty hoppy, but after about three swigs all I got was just kind of a “hop burn” and really didn’t have any flavor after that. I ended up dumping about half a bottle and switching to something a little more palatable. Now I like a good IPA or IIPA and can get plenty of good ones around here but this is one I just really couldn’t get into.

If its more than 36 hours old it’s garbage


36 hours from when?

I had it at the brewery and it was amazing.

36 hours from when?[/quote]

After bottling…

Really I’m just making fun of some of the uber beer snobs who really have said/think that. Although in my taste experience a month old bottle still tastes pretty darn good, but fresher is always better

i made a pliny about 4 years ago and have some left, cracked one a few months ago and its still pretty damn good.albeit a little lower ibu’s.

What happened to the first post in this thread?

Seems I recall him saying this beer was ridiculous good.

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