Plinian OG question -test at 6 gallon?

Extract kit, always been spot on with OG, but this time reading was 1.05 vs. stated 1.07 ! I accidently added yeast before testing, and added to 6 gallons as directed, I assume that is when to test was at 6 gallon, hoping it was meant to be at 5gallon? Any help appreciated

The SG measurement would be for the 6 gallon volume if the recipe is for 6 gallons. You’re probably okay though. Using all the fermentables and having the correct volume in the fermentor will give you the recipe OG. Very often it is not possible to get an accurate OG when the boiled wort is added to top off water. The two just don’t mix well. The yeast will mix it up though as fermentation begins.

Just in case:
Were all the fermentables included in the kit according to the recipe? I have never received less, but once received a different DME than the recipe DME.
Have you marked your fermentors for volume using measured pours of water?

#1 yes the fermentables were correct
#2 not sure what this means…just a lowly newbie![quote=“flars, post:2, topic:20676”]
Have you marked your fermentors for volume using measured pours of water?

I marked my carboys with a marker when I first got them. I took a 2 qt pyrex measuring pitcher and poured in 2 qts of water at a time to measure out half gallon increments. This helps you know the actual volume in your carboy.


Some fermentors come with gallon markings from the factory. Sometimes the marks are inaccurate. I marked all my fermentors by filling one with exactly 5 gallons of water, then siphoned the water to the next fermentor to mark that one.

just bought a new 6.5 gal big mouth bubbler and sadly went by their makings without doing as a wise experienced expert! With that being said it sure seemed close at least given head space remaining. Anybody have experience with the markings on these as to accuracy?