Plinian Legacy

I am really enjoying this new hobby! I have brewed 4 batches, got 2 more in fermenters and another batch conditioning in bottles. But what I have recently realized are some of the beer kits are actually replicates of other popular Craft beers which may not be available in my area. I think this is really cool feature of brewing my own beer. But what I find difficult (more so because I could just be ignorant) is tracing the NB beer kit to it’s original beer.

For example, the Plinian Legacy is based on Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Elder, no? And if so, what beer is the Dead Ringer based on? And are there others?

Welcome to the hobby/obsession!

Yes, clone beers as they are typically called, are pretty common. I think its pretty tricky trademark territory, so NB and other retailers can’t stamp the fact that this beer is a rip off of a commercial brewery’s beer right on the label in most cases. Also some breweries might not appreciate it. However NB does have (did have?) a “Pro Series” with kits meant to replicate beers from Surly and Tall Grass and possibly others, where they actually have an agreement with the brewery to use the name. Tallgrass rocks.

And yes, Plinian is based on Pliny. If you like it, I might aggressively suggest checking out Off The Topper (Heady Topper). I think Heady is a far superior beer to Pliny.

Dead Ringer is based on Bell’s Two Hearted. Which is in my top 5 all time favorites. With some pretty elite company.

Once you move past kits, you can typically find clone recipes on the interwebs with a google search. Some are good, some are great, some are horrible. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the “Clone Beers” book. Unless it has been seriously revised, it has a reputation for some of the worst stabs at cloning in the history of cloning. :cheers:


I think Heady is a far superior beer to Pliny.

Pietro this is blasphemy :twisted:

Then from Nietzsche to Mencken to Howard Stern I’m in good company :mrgreen:

Try them side-by-side. No contest.