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Plinian Legacy Secondary question

Brewed the Plinian Legacy two weeks ago today. The air lock is still bubbling today with a bubble every 45 seconds or so. Question: Should I wait until fermentation has ended to rack to the secondary or follow the instructions and rack to the secondary now? I’m fermenting at 64 degrees so i’m thinking this is the reason for the slower/longer fermentation. Common sense tells me to wait until the bubbling slows a bit more but since i’m a novice I could use some advice.


let the yeast clean up for a while yet. check gravity, then wait 2 days and check grav again, if the gravs the same its ready to bottle. Moving to 2ndary is only necessary if you plan to do some dry hopping or need extended time for real strong beers to clean up. also if the yeast do not want to drop out, 2ndary will help. I move to 2ndary when I need the yeast for more beer.
a lot of my beers keep bubbling for 14-21 days but the gravity stays about the same. my thoughts on this is that the yeast are just finishing up non sugar stuff. also beer and yeast cake will give off c02 that is in there. If you don’t have a hydrometer wait 18 days total, and bottle.
that’s what I would do.

Keep in the primary to do your two dry hops. No secondary needed. Less risk of oxidation and infection.

Does it make a difference that my primary is still REALLY cloudy? Was thinking it would clear up a lot in the secondary. thoughts on this?

when the yeast are done they will drop and the beer will clear weather in 1 or 2ndary. the important thing is to let the yeast finish. if they do not drop in 3 weeks total, I would cold crash and dry hop. IMHO.

Decided to just keep it in the primary. Thanks so much for all of the help!

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