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Plinian legacy procedure

I am about to brew the Plinian Legacy extract kit and I am looking for some advice on pitching from some people who may have already brewed it. I originally bought two of the Wyeast 1056 packs to pitch but now I am wondering if that will even be enough. I have been thinking about starting to do starters and would be open to it.

So I guess my question is two packs? One or two pack starter? What are your experiences with this? Thanks in advance.

On a side note my carboys are only five gallon so was planning on dry hopping and kegging right from primary after a nice cold crash… Anyone else go this route?

I think you are fine pitching 2 smack packs. If the question is going with 1 smack pack and saving the other, you will definitely have to make a starter.
Depending on your hop delivery in the boil I would definitely transfer to secondary, you said you have 2 carboys right? You will have a nice large yeast cake, and secondary will minimize the transfer of that trub into your keg.

The age of your yeast may make a difference in how much you pitch. If it’s fairly fresh, you could probably get by with pitching the two packs. I recently brewed a Pliny clone (not the NB kit, the MoreBeer one) and the vials of yeast I had were a few months old, so I used both of them to make a starter first to make sure I had enough viable yeast.

I only did primary with mine before transferring to the bottling bucket and bottling. Kinda wish I would’ve transferred to secondary before dry hopping. By the time I was ready to bottle, the yeast/hop cake was huge. I think I did alright not sucking too much of it up into the bottling bucket, but it was a challenge.

I brewed the extract kit up on March 2. I pitched 1 pack of US-05. I transferred to secondary on March 22 which was a bit later than originally planned but I wanted to wait till the foam fell back down. I checked the gravity and it read 1.018. Three weeks planned in secondary, will add first dry hopping this weekend. I didn’t quite have space in my secondary for all of it being a 6 gallon batch but I was able to make space by drinking about three test tubes worth for the gravity test. It was delicious flat. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am resurrecting this thread from last month to see how the Pliny from Radagast turned out with 1 packet of dry yeast and to see what the thoughts are on this approach, as I haven’t worked into yeast starters yet and was going to try the dry yeast approach, either 1 (or 2 ) :?: of the recommended dry yeast and am aware that this is a bigger beer than I have brewed thus far…also I am going to give the big mouth plastic 6.5 gallon bubbler it’s first trial because of the increased head room and dry hopping requirements.

Buehler?..Buehler?..anybody?..anybody?..sighs…C, the answer is C…

Actually I found a suitable answer in an old “whether to aerate dry yeast” thread. 1 packet of fresh dry yeast should be enough for a 7-8% abv range IPA

thanks for answering your own question and filling in other inquiring minds.


Well… I brewed this kit back in late march. I used one 1056 smack pack and no starter. OG was 1.068. Bottled it tonight with a FG of 1.014. took a taste flat and it was awesome! i’ll come back in 2 weeks and give an update of how it turned out.

Great! Thanks for the replies. This will be my first all grain attempt and Pliny at that :smiley:

Just to update you on my results, my OG was 1.070 and my FG was 1.015. 2 weeks primary, 3 weeks secondary, 1st dry hop (centennial and simcoe) 3/30/14, 2nd dry hop (columbus, simcoe, centennial, and amarillo) 4/7/14, kegged 4/12/14. I did loosely bag my dry hops, I may try to let them freely float next time to see if I notice a difference.

I had no space in my kegerator when I kegged this and my Caribou slobber so they both sat in my basement for almost two weeks before getting carbed in kegerator for another week before I tasted my first sample. I thought it was still a bit green and sweeter than I anticipated at that point. They say this beer is better young but three weeks in keg seemed to be just right for this beer. I wrote down my actual serve date as 5/2/14 and it is a fantastic beer. I have brewed several different IPA kits from our host (Dead ringer, Denny’s Wry Smile, 115th Dream Hopbursted, Chinook) and this is my favorite. It’s already on the list to order again. :stuck_out_tongue:


When doing the second dry hop addition do you remove the first set of dry hops? The directions are not very clear on this…\

Thanks in advance

Leave your hops in until you move the beer to the bottling bucket.

I’m just about to this point soon also…whether to use sanitized hop bag or dump 'em in… if not using a bag, cold crashing _should_make them drop right?

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