Plinian Legacy OG

Just brewed a batch of Plinian IIPA. Kit recipe says 1.070 for the OG. I’m getting 1.086. How is it that I’m so far off from their spec? Is this good or bad?

Assuming you did the extract kit:

1.) This is a 6 gallon kit, ensure that you topped up to six gallons instead of 5.
2.) The kit only calls for .75lb corn sugar but includes a 1lb bag (not that .25lb would make that much difference)
3.) Ensure that your hydrometer is calibrated.
4.) Ensure that your hydrometer is not bottomed out and sitting on a bunch of trub in the hydrometer glass.

Assuming you already pitched the yeast, it can be good or bad. Too high of a gravity and not enough yeast will yield too low of an attenuation and thus a beer that is too sweet. If you pitched enough yeast then you’ll simply have a more alcoholic beer. Fermentation temperatures play a large role in the quality of the beer you’ll produce.

If you used the liquid yeast and made an appropriate starter you should be fine. If you used the dry yeast then you’ll most likely be ok, but may need to pitch more than 1 packet.

Assuming you did the all grain kit:

1.) Congratulations! You got great efficiency!
2.) Most of the same applies as to the extract kit.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just wanted to note that I brewed this kit last night (extract) and got the same OG of 1.086. Interestingly, I did use only .75 lbs of corn sugar (per instruction) and did top up to a 6-gallon batch.

Just thought I’d add my two cents, for what it’s worth. Tasted the wort after taking the gravity reading, I’m really looking forward to drinking this one!

I also got a 1086 OG. I was a little confused by it as well since the instructions on NB’s website and the ones provided in the kit give a 1070 OG estimation. Coincidentally, I received NB’s newest catalog today and in the “High Gravity” beer section it lists Plinian Legacy with a 1086 OG. I think NB has had a typo in their Plinian Legacy instructions for quite some time

Probably an extract kit issue. I’ve done the all grain version twice and came up with 1.070 both times.

Sorry to bring this back up but I’ve noticed that all of you got a reading higher than the 1.070. Mine came in at 1.061. And when I just added my dry hops, my reading came in at 1.015! Is this possible and what have I done wrong? I followed the directions to a T

If you’re doing extract, unless NB’s calculations are just wrong, then your reading is probably skewed by the fact that it’s just hard to get top up water mixed thoroughly. The wort is stratified and your sample came from a part of the wort that was not mixed well. When I was doing extract, I never worried about original gravity. If you add all the extract and you top off correctly, the OG will be right, and everything will mix properly during the fermentation.

I’m assuming that the 1.015 was after fermentation? If so, sounds good for a beer that strong, maybe a little low, but I don’t have any experience with this particular kit.

Hope this helps a little,


Thanks, yes it does. I was just confused about the gravity but since I’ve researched it a little, I think I have a good grasp on it. It’s at 1.015 right now with a couple weeks to go