Plinian Legacy Mistake?

I brewed the Plinian Legacy extract kit this past weekend. I did everything according to the instructions except I mistakenly added about 1/3 of the LME at the start of the 90 minute boil before I realized I should be adding the 4 lbs. of DME instead. I know I’ll still make beer, but will this really make any difference in the overall end product?

Also, the kit came with Simply Select Hop Blend to be added at 20 min. before the end of the boil and again at flameout as well as in each of the 2 dry hop additions. What’s in the Simple Select Blend? This kit used specific hop additions for each stage the last time I made this - not a blend of hops. Anyone have any insight as to why the hop additions have changed? Will it alter the flavor or will it be pretty close to what the “original” was?