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Plinian legacy extract, not enough make up water

I cooked up a plinian legacy e tract kit this past Sunday. I just realized today (Wednesday) that I accidentally made up the batch to 5 gallons, instead of the 6 gallons recommended in the instructions. The o.g. was 1.080, which is considerably greater than the target of 1.060. I used a 1000 ml starter on the liquid wyeast packet and fermentation was been going well, at a liquid temp of 64F. Should I add the additional water to the fermenter now, or just leave as is? I don’t mind high abv, but don’t want the beer overly sweet. Appreciate the advice.

Let it ride, sounds like it’s going to be good.

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you could always boil a gallon of water to sterilize it, let it cool to room temp, then add it to your keg or bottling bucket to dilute the beer to the approx FG in the recipe.

It depends on what you like. I would leave it since I like the high power beers. The difference will be approx a 7% or 9% beer if you can reach the final gravity.

Making the starter will help of course.

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