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Plinian Legacy Dry Hopping in Keg

So my second batch of Plinian Legacy is just finishing up its two weeks in Primary and I’m getting ready to secondary and dry hop. The last keg had about 15 people helping me drink it (“Ooh, Pliny clone? Can I try one?” :lol: ) so it went way too fast so I ordered a second the day the first keg kicked. The first I transferred to secondary and dry hopped there before moving to the keg. I am contemplating dry hopping in the keg this time to see if it makes a difference in aroma. My questions are as follows:

  1. Should I carb while I dry hop for the two weeks so that the beer is ready to drink when the dry hopping is complete or should I just seal the keg up at about 30 psi and disconnect the gas line? I don’t currently have space in my kegerator so it will be sitting at cellar temps of around 68 while waiting for a spot to open up. Last time it was carbed at a week but much better at two weeks in kegerator.

  2. Should I leave both dry hops in the keg the whole time the beer is in the kegerator until the beer is gone or should I remove one or both dry hops at some point in the process? I am planning to use sanitized hop bags hung with sanitized dental floss. Also, should I put anything in the hop bags to keep them from floating once the hops expand?

  3. If I leave the dry hops in the keg the whole time it’s in the kegerator, should I tie the floss so that the hops go about halfway down the keg so that they come out of the beer about halfway through the keg or should I tie it longer so that they stay in the beer all the way to the bottom?


I just toss them in the keg and leave them in the whole time. I do not suspend them or hang them. I dont carb while it’s warm, I purge and pressurize let it sit 3-7 days at room temp, then in the fridge to get carbed and served. I’ve done this 10-15 time and it works great for me. I have tryed dry hoping cold the whole time but it takes longer to extract flavor and aroma (like 2 weeks).

The first time your dip tube clogs you will use a bag the next time. If using pellets you will also want to contain them if beer clarity is import and to you.

Sorry I use a bag(clean sanitized panty hose), guess I should have put that in there.

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