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Please look. Expirement ... -and-honey

I’m not sure what this is going to be. I wanted to go with the Cali Common yeast to score a clean smooth lager like finish. Honey is late addition. Mash @ 150 for 90 min. Sparge as usual. Please let me know what you think…

Is cornmeal mashable without cooking it first?

I’m going to cook the cornmeal first. Gelatinize the starches. I’ve seen raise it to 165 with a half pound of base… Hold for 15 min. Bring to boil stir for 15 to 20 till it coats the back of spoon. let cool. Mash in at chosen temp? Does this sound okay? I’ve read 3qts per lb in the premash?

I believe it requires a cereal mash prior to being used in brewing as it has not undergone any cooking during its production.

What is the benefit of cornmeal? Is it similar to just plain flaked corn? Sounds interesting though

I could use flaked corn… But I thought mashing real corn meal would be more like corn bread. I don’t know. Might be fun… Might be terrible.

Eh, just use flaked maize/corn. There’s no real advantage IMO for going through the headache of cereal mashing cornmeal just to achieve what flaked corn can already do for you without the cereal mash.

Unless of course you’re using it as an excuse to drink more beer during brew day because it takes longer…then brew on. :slight_smile:

I can’t get flaked corn here, so I use polenta if I need some corn for a recipe. Except that it is more of a pain (it DOES require a cerial mash), it comes out exactly the same as it would when using flaked corn. No real advantage at all.

I’ll just use flaked corn. I dont want to work too hard…

Corn adds a sweetness and mouthfeel all its own. Think MGD.
Cornmeal is a heck of a lot cheaper than flaked corn.
I enjoy doing a cereal mash now and then.

It sounds like you got the cereal mash right.
3 qts per lb is ok. It’s easier with a thinner mash, as long as you hit your temps in the main mash.

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