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Please look at this. Yeast washing advice needed

I just harvested some WLP 002 from a 1.054 pale ale and I’m hoping to use it in a 1.060 ESB this week. I’ve been reading up on yeast harvesting and rinsing, and what I just got looks different than what I expected to see.

I thought I’d see trub on the bottom, creamy yeast in the middle, and the rest of the stuff on top. What I got though was yeast immediately dropping to the bottom, then everything else settling out on top. Looks like I have 4 layers of stuff instead of 3.

The pic I’ve attached is the harvest after sitting in the fridge for 30 mins or so. I’m planning on rinsing at least one more time. I think I should add that I just dumped in some sterile water and then swirled everything up. After waiting for 20 minutes for things to settle in the fermenter, it didn’t look like everything separated, so I just dumped everything into the jars. There’s some trub and an ounce of dry hop in there too. Not the plan, but that’s what I did.

So, does what I have look OK for now? I’m thinking that the yeast dropped immediately because it’s just a really flocculant strain.

Thanks for any advice!

002 is a really flocculent yeast, so it’s going to look more chunky than creamy. What you have there looks pretty normal for that yeast.

That’s what I thought. So, I need to decant everything except the bottom layer, correct?

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