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Please help the newbe here

I am looking for some advice/help. I am going to try to make some wine and I have several questions. I have worked until dark for the past 2 nights picking grapes(Concord). I have so far picked 6 gallons. I have more that I can pick, but thought I would start here. I have purchased the Northern Brewer(deluxe) kit. and find that I will need several items like yeast. Can someone help me identify a good yeast for my grapes and what a batch might be considering the grapes I have. They are nice. I hand picked only the best no sticks dried etc. Will I need to obtain any other items in order to ferment my wine. I have the no rinse cleaner. Thanks in advance for any help. :cheers:

I would recommend using a Lavlin RC-212 yeast.

If all you have is One Step, pick yourself up some Starsan sanitizer instead. Also, an acid test kit is a good idea. You will also need yeast nutrient, campden, pectic enzyme, stabilizer, and possibly acid blend.

BB is absolutely right. I might add that I would run-do not walk, to the nearest bookstore or homebrewing store and buy a good book on making wine at home. There’s no way you’re going to figure it out by trial and error, at least if you want a wine worth drinking. :cheers:

Thanks for your advice. I agree that like anything else worthwile, it takes time. I guess I have to start somewhere. I have gotten the book “Home wine making step by step” I bought it with the wine making kit. I have been reading it, but sure appreciate any advice.
We had so much rain(and a hurricane) here in Vermont that the grapes are as nice as I have ever seen. In the past we have given the grapes away. We kept some this year to try to put together some wine. The grapes are grown in the champlain valley, on the site of the original “Elgin Springs” Bottling co. The water was bottled and sold as “sulphor drugs”. The water is VREY sulphorus, and the soil is mostly clay.
Anyway the grapes sure seem to like it. I have accumulated about 30lb. of grapes. It looks like this amount of grapes will fill the “primiary fermentation bucket” about 2/4-3/4 full. Can I mash some of the grapes now to check the sugar content? How long can the mashed grapes set before adding yeast and sealing it up? I see that keeping everything clean is a key factor. It is OK to use bottled water for diluting and mixing the cleaning agents?
Thanks for helping. I will keep everyone posted on the progress.
I am going to go to the brewery store tomorrow to get yeast, and more supplies. Thanks, Jim :cheers:

I wouldn’t mash the grapes until you decide it is time to begin your process. You will be adding the campden and waiting 24hrs before pitching yeast and you will have time to check when you mash them. If you had a refractometer it could be checked straight from the fruit rather quickly.

My you sanitizer with distilled water.

How big of a batch are you planning on making? 30lbs isn’t going to be near enough for a 5 or 6gal batch.

Thanks, I would like to make a batch that will work in the wine making kit that i have bought(5-6 Gal.), I can pick more grapes. How many pounds will I need? It said to fill the primary fermenting container 3/4 full? I guess I am confused. I am trying to understand how it works and appreciate your help. Jim:cheers:

It can be produced a number of ways. Lean towards 8lbs per gallon for a lighter bodied wine, 12lbs per gal for a full bodied wine. Don’t forget that concord wine takes a long while to mature so expect to let it age 18 months or more.

Well, our youngest daughter is home for the weekend, so we are going to the nearest brewery supply store to get some advice and yeast etc… We have just a little over 50# gathered.
I am thinking of just buying a press as we have 5 apple trees and 4 pear trees and could use the press more often for cider and such. Hope to mash them up this PM. Any last minuite advice?? :cheers:

I did take a before and after reading on the batch. Before primary it was 1.090. After moving to seconary it was 1.006. Was Ok according to the directions.

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