Please help decipher a recipe from Lagunitas

I contacted Lagunitas about some hints for their DoppelSticky. This is what their Brewmonster answered back:

“Rye beer with Kolsch yeast dry hopped with Australian “Enigma” and US Citra, 60 IBU and 8% ABV rough target (17,8 Plato) will guide you there— it needs to be lagered to relieve the sulphur

Im still too new at this to determine what I should use for my grain bill, etc.
I’ve never lagered something but I have a temperature controlled unit that I could use for it.
Any thoughts?

Without having had the beer it’s hard to say. I would use an American 2-row as a base malt and maybe 20% rye. If it’s a sweeter beer maybe put a caramel malt up to 10%. If it’s a drier beer maybe a munich or vienna to add color and body.

Hard to say without actually ever having tried the beer but thats just off the cuff for a Rye IPA malt recipe.

I’m surprised they gave you that much.

i was pleasantly surprised for the info. I guess I should just find a recipe for a decent rye ale and hit it head on to see what I get out of it. Maybe I’ll scale it for a 1-2 gallon batch.


I’ve never tasted this beer, but the notes do provide a buttload of useful information. I was interested enough to develop the following recipe, which I’ll bet will get you very very close on the first try:

Save the image, copy into a Word file, and print it out. Hope it’s good. I may need to try it someday.

EDIT: Oh, uh… add the dry hops the last 4 days.

You ROCK!!! Im going to give this a shot in the next week when I have a carboy free!
Thanks for the work you obviously put into this!


Dave why flaked rye and not malted rye. And why are all the hop additions under 5 min? I agree with the magnum, why waste the special hops for bittering. I’m sure it will be good as you wrote it though. As for me my rye pale started with a lot of rye but I cut it down on subsequent batches down to 15% per my taste. I will have to taste the doppelstickey before I comment further on the recipe. I believe this is a one off so I hope I can find it.

Yes, a one off, which is why I wanted to try cloning. It had a nice rye flavor, a nice malty backbone and the hops were there but not overpowering. I’m going to sub Mosaic for the Enigma(I can’t find them anywhere)

Oh shoot… I meant to say malted rye, not flaked rye. Sorry. The specialty hops are at the tail end for flavor and aroma. No sense in boiling them too long.