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Please explain to me about killing the yeast

So I understand if I want a carbonated cider I did to kill
the yeast so’s the bottles or corks will not explode…
How do I do this without ruining my brew…I aint gonna
know unless I ask…Thanks Johnny

If you are planning on carbonating your cider you either need the yeast alive, or you need to keg your cider.
If you backsweeten and want to bottle carb, you will need to backsweeten with a nonfermentable and prime with sugar with the yeast still alive.
If you are keging your cider, you can use stabilizer and campden, backsweeten with the sweetener of your choice, and carb in the keg. You can then fill bottles from the keg.
You can also leave it dry and simply prime and bottle.

so instead of using sugar to prime the bottles, it is possible to keg, carb, fill the bottles? is it still going to be as good as priming with sugar? and last as long?

It will be just as good and depending on your bottling technique should age very nicely.

BB, do you have any recommendations on non-fermentables for backsweetening?

Lactose works pretty well if used in small amounts. I recommend using no more than .5lb -.75lb per 5gal.
I do not like the flavor that artifical sweeteners add.
I have been testing pure stevia, but KAL brand is the only brand that I have found so far to have no off taste. Many of the ones on the market have been cut with bulking agents and don’t taste the best. I also have no idea what long term effects it will have on the cider. I do not have any that has been aging much longer than 1yr.

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