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Plate chillers are awesome!

Just got a plate chiller from my wife for Christmas, and I thought I would share that it is awesome! 10 gallon batch to 65 degrees in 10 minutes! Unreel! That is all…

^I’ll second that

We tried our Therminator during a January too and laughed at how well it worked. I had to turn the water way down to keep the wort from getting too cold.

I really like my Shirron as well. Definitely one of the better purchases I’ve made, especially given how slowly my immersion chiller worked.

Are you guys running them with a pump? How are you dealing with the hops/trub in the kettle so as not to clog the plate chiller?

We just utilize gravity instead of a pump and have a hop bag and one of those screens for the bottom of the kettle (bazooka screen?) a to reduce the likelihood of it clogging.

It did clog the first time we used it but has not since we bought those other items to keep out the trub.

I use a pump and a Bazooka screen along the periphery of the kettle. I whirlpool (stir) the wort and let it settle for 15 minutes. That settles all of the trub in the center.

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