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Plastic water jugs with the hand pump as picnic dispenser

I saw a hand pump attached to a five gallon water jug today at the grocery store and it got me to thinking…could this same thing be used at a gathering of friends to dispense beer? I figure it would have to be ‘cask’ style with little carbonation, but I think the pump action would give it a nice creamy head. Has anyone ever tried such a thing?

I don’t recall ever seeing one so I can’t comment on how it would work but as with any beer you dispense using air it would have to be used up quickly or go bad.

You are correct about the low carbonation. The plastic jugs are probably not made to hold a lot of pressure.

If I knew a picnic was coming up far enough in advance I would perhaps try to use those plastic 20 oz water/coke bottles. How would you keep thsi cold? same wasy you would a keg? couldn’t you just bring a keg (if you have a keg system)

something about the plastic pump thing seems strange.

maybe you could get one of those chemical/bug spray things with a pump handle and wand and shoot the brew across the table :smiley: ha ha

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