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Plastic to Metal Gas Dip Tube

I need to drill out a hole for a metal gas dip tube to replace a plastic one. Does anyone know what size bit I should use? It will save me a trip to the hardware store. ... es-197239/

Looking at this post, sounds like the hole in the keg is tapered, if you cut a SS dip tube down to 1/4 - 1/3" it will not reach the tapered section.

Or there is a replacement plastic tube available from Chi Company, link in that post.

edit: This link

says to use a 5/16th carbide tip.

I like the idea of cutting a tube rather than drilling the keg.

I’ve done the drilling. It worked great, but does leave a burr on the inside. I used an 1/8 carbide burr on a Dremel to remove it.

I haven’t heard about cutting the tube, might be easier.

As Nighthawk said, 5/16 in. I’ve done this to three Firestone kegs. Good video here:

Drilled it out. The whole process took no more then five minutes from setup to clean up. Thanks all.

You gave me the idea, thanks. :cheers:

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