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Plastic or Glass


Thinking about moving to plastic fermenters for weight / not as breakable as glass. Maybe even a larger 15 gallon SS fermentor.

That being said I started out with a bucket then moved to all glass…anyone have a preference and why?

Plastic is fine.

Plastic will get the job done but I prefer glass.

There is zero % chance that something will penetrate into the glass and stay in there forever and that could happen in plastic so every beer you ferment after that will have a little bit of the old stuff in it. Now is that a HUGE deal, probably not because people use plastic buckets for years and their beer tastes great. I just look at old tupperware and get grossed out so maybe that was in the back of my head when I chose to go with glass.

I am not expert (obviously because I just started brewing) that is just what I have read from articles online so I would go with glass but I would defer to the master brewers on the site and get their take.

I prefer buckets. I started with glass and brewed a hundred or so batches that way. After breaking 3 carboys (2 in a day!) I switched to buckets and I far prefer them. I find them easier to clean and store.

I have glass, but buckets are great. The Big mouth bubbler looks cool. Check out Gregg Mullers site He shows an outfit that has square food grade containers He’s dealt with that shows
sizes from small to large[ I think up to 20 gal or more]. Might check it out.

Not to mention lighter to handle for us old farts. :wink:

Now THAT must have been a bad brew day!

I am transitioning to plastic from glass and bought the plastic bubbler 6.5 after reading about some guys horrific injuries.

I went from plastic to glass, then back to plastic for safety reasons. Glass filled with liquid can explode on impact. I don’t need to sorry about glass shrapnel and horrific injuries (I’ve read about them as well). I recently bought the plastic big mouth bubbler, looking forward to using it. Should be nice to see the beer clear without the lid of a bucket.

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