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Plastic fermenter cleaning question

just brewed a double ipa and now my plastic fermenter is stained and smells strongly of hops. i dont mind the color but im worried the smell wil come through to the next batch. what should i do?

soak in oxyclean and/or pbw.

After a good soak in cleanser, let it dry completely as well. That should let a lot of the hop aromatics leave the plastic, and making sure fermentors dry completely is a good thing anyway, seems to help keep unwanted things from growing in between batches. After that the hop aroma should be pretty much gone.




I use PBW soaks and air dry the plastic fermenters and Better Bottles when I take a mid-Winter break from brewing. Thanks to the Forum I think I’ll give Oxyclean a try too. BTW the odor never leaves those fermenters.

Don’t worry about the odor. It will not affect the next beer.

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