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Plastic conical fermenter or not

I would like some input from those of you that are or have used a plastic conical fermeter .
I have been totally out of homebrewing for a little over 5 years and I am going to start back . I had previously brewed for approx. 12 years before extract then to all grain for approx. 10 years plus .
I would appreciate any input about using a plastic conical fermenter , I’m not wanting to spend the $$$ on stainless or should I use what I did before plastic bucket primary and glass carboy secondary .
Thanks in advance for any suggestions .

First let me welcome you back to this great hobby and love of beer. Im guessing your thinking about one of the fast ferment conical or something like the catalyst. With all plastic fermenters their is the cons and pro. One con to plastic is it will eventually have to be replaced no matter how careful you are with it alittle scratch can harbor bacteria and ruin your beer. The conical cost alot more than buckets. Buckets are cheap and can be replaced cheaper than the plastic conical can. The fast fermenter conical cost any where from 129 to 199 dollars depending on what parts you get with it. Thats alot of buckets. But if you are wanting to spend that amount why not think about a ss brew tech stainless bucket 199 dollars and free shipping will last forever

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You have 22 years of brewing experience and you asking us? The limiting factor for me is what I can fit in my fermentation chamber. How would you control your temperature in the size conical your talking about. Nothing wrong with buckets

I’m going to get 2 of those SS brewtech fermenters… I can stuff them each into a small fridge, controlled… To me, as a home brewer, I can’t see it being any better! Sneezles61

Wow, I had no idea those SS Brewtech’s were so reasonably priced. I think I need to get one of those on the list. I am getting tired of having to weigh down the big mouth bubbler lid to keep it in place.

I see it has a 7 gal capacity which should be adequate headroom for a 5 gallon batch. I saw an opening for the airlock and I suppose a small blow off hose could fit.

Cheap option is the fermonster…no lid problems…but i would love me some ss brewtech stuff :grinning:

I have the SS brew tech 10 gal kettle and really like the quality. (next on deck for me will be their insulated mash tun).

I notice they have the 7 gal fermenter and a small 3.5 gal. I am planning my first BIAB batch next week (my neighbor loves the Irish Red Ale and I was just planning on bottling it all up for her). I never tried a BIAB so I thought it would be fun to try and see how it compares to my fly and batch sparge all grain batches.

So I was planning on fermenting the 3 gallon batch is a 5 gallon glass carboy . I am just curious if fermenting a 3 gallon batch in a 7 gallon vessel would be too much head space? Maybe the space would soon be filled with CO2 anyway.

I would further assume the 3.5 gallon vessel would be too small and result in quite a bit of blow off. Not sure what size batch the 3.5gal would be ideal for.

I have no dilemma now, as I have plenty of options on hand, but was curious after seeing the SS Brewtech bucket sizes.

Im a big fan of Ss brew tech products. Thier prices are reasonable and quality of stuff is unbeatable. I own 4 of the fermenters in the picture a 10 gallon and a 30 gallon kettle and the 20 gallon infusion mash tun. By far the best stuff i ever bought.

Here is the features Conical base with rotatable racking arm
Stackable - saves space
⅜” Mini ball valve for transfers and gravity samples
Wide lid with secure spring clamps
17mm port in lid for ½” blow off tubing and airlock
Welded carry handles
Etched volume markings gals/liters

Thanks. Man that looks like a nice step up from the plastic fermentors.

Best of all, you can manipulate that stuff to your liking… I’m in! Sneezles61

With those conicals does the trub and such from your wort all settle below the valve stem for transfer to a bottling bucket? That does look like a great deal.

Yes for the most part it does unless you got a ton one of the great thing is you can rotate the rack arm in side from the out side if you pull alittle dirt

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